Map showing we are located in Grand Rapids, MI, but serving Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Traverse City. We have placed candidates in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Okalahome, Tennessee and Florida.

About Us

Our website shouldn’t sell you on working with us. Our track record should.

At the core of our IT focused team is a pair of hands-on owners who speak the language, understand the business, and sweat the details. After over 20 years, the executives at Clover Consulting are fully entrenched in the business of finding, placing and retaining the best available IT talent for our clients.

This hands-on leadership team has developed a company culture that encourages work-life balance, dedication, and the value of a good fit. Through excellent benefits to employees and personal attention, the leadership team has demonstrated their commitment to talent—and it shows to their employees (see what employees say about working at Clover on the testimonials page).