What our employees have to say about us

I love working for Clover. They’re a talented bunch that work well together and make things happen. They don’t treat you like an employee. They make you feel like a valuable part of their family. ~ Long-term Employee

Right from the initial interview, I felt the company culture stressed the importance of matching the candidate to the right the client. Clover cares about the same thing you care about—you being happy. In my almost three years working with Clover, this culture continued. They make every effort to find the best match for all parties involved and not just to fill open positions. Being a smaller company, you don’t find the red tape and corporate power struggles that you would find in the Big three. But as a consultant, you have the benefit of a recruiter that continuously follows up with you to make sure the assignment you are on continues to meet your needs.

Clover also offers great benefits, the greatest of which is becoming part of the Clover family. The owners, Patrick and Scott, are always available—they even made it a practice to personally deliver paychecks, even when it was just a pay stub from a direct deposit. The Clover team values their resources, which in turn really motivates you to perform to your best. They flat out are just nice people! I only left the company because I relocated across the country. Should I ever return to the Midwest, I have no doubt they would be the first company I call! ~ Former Long-term Employee

Having been involved with over a hundred businesses in west Michigan during the past 15 years, I can say unequivocally that Clover Consulting is one of the BEST companies to both work with and work for! ~ Former Employee

My personal experience with Clover Consulting, Inc. started earlier this year when I started on a major client’s IT project in Grand Rapids, MI. Clover’s selection process followed a structured approach that helped me prepare successfully for an interview with the hiring manager. The knowledge and client-related details provided by Clover helped me understand where the real need was, so I was in a position to talk to it effectively during the interview. Once selected, the hiring process went smoothly with clear directions/guidelines on the next steps, expectations, and working conditions. Since most questions were anticipated and addressed ahead of time, I had more time to focus on the upcoming assignment. I can state with confidence that my overall working experience with Clover Consulting, Inc. has been exceptional thus far. ~ Current Employee

Clover Consulting is a very customer-focused consulting organization. They provide an opportunity for consultants to work with some of the brightest IT people in the industry. Being placed at my client site has given me the opportunity to develop new skills and make new contacts that have furthered my career as a consultant. This is a rock solid company that has a very bright future and I am excited to be a part of it. ~ Current Employee